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Our trading range contains raw materials, all flat and long steel products, including carbon and stainless steel grades. In the above categories you will find an overview of the products we would be delighted to offer you.


The first product in the steel making process. Billets are used for the manufacture of long steel products.

The first product in the steel making process. Slabs are used for the manufacture of flat steel products.

Long Products
Long steel products are predominantly used in the oil and construction industries, as well as for engineering.

Reinforcing Bars
Produced out of billets for the enforcement of concrete structures.

Welded (ERW) and seamless pipe/tube
Produced out of flat steel products: hot and cold rolled, as well as metallic coated products (hot dip galvanized and aluminized) for good corrosion and heat resistance.


Flat steel products in various forms are being used for products in basically all manufacturing industries.

Hot rolled steel sheet
Hot rolled (HR) is the first product of the slab rolling and used for subsequent cold reduction or for the direct manufacture to various industrial products such as pipe and tube.

High gauge plate rolled out of slab for the manufacture of shipbuilding, pressure and construction plate.

Cold rolled steel sheet
Cold rolled (CR) is under low temperatures reduced (rolled) hot rolled coil. Cold rolled steel can also be used for the direct manufacture, as well as substrate for the subsequent metallic and/or organic coating.

Hot dip galvanized steel sheet
Hot and cold rolled steel sheets coated with zinc by passing through a pot of melted zinc. The zinc layer is granting a high corrosion resistance and is used “ bare and organic coated – in the construction and automotive industries.

Hot dip aluminized steel sheet
Hot and cold rolled steel sheets coated with aluminium by passing through a pot of melted aluminium. The aluminium layer is grants the material a high heat and corrosion resistance and is being used for mufflers and furnaces.

Aluminium-zinc-alloy coated steel sheet
Hot and cold rolled steel sheets coated with an aluminium-zinc-alloy by passing through a pot of melted aluminium (55 %), zinc (43.4 %) and silicium (1.6 %). This product can be used bare or as substrate for an organic coating. Alu-zinc-alloy coated sheet combines the long lasting corrosion resistance and surface appearance of aluminium with the cathodic protection of zinc. For this reason it is often used for exposed building components in the construction industry.

Zinc-magnesium-alloy coated steel sheet
Cold rolled steel sheets with a zinc-magnesium coating is produced using the hot-dip process on continuously operating strip processing lines. By alloying magnesium and aluminum into the zinc bath, a high-performance protective layer is created, which is characterized by excellent processing properties and maximum corrosion resistance.

Electro galvanized steel sheet
Cold rolled steel sheet coated with a thin electrolytically applied zinc layer for the direct manufacture or for organic coating. Electro galvanized steel is being used mainly in the automotive and appliance industries.

Tin mill products
Cold rolled steel sheet coated with a thin electrolytically applied tin (ETP) or chromium (ECCS) layer, predominantly used in the packaging and automotive industries. The uncoated product used for tinning is black plate. A major part of our beverage cans (DWI) and food/fruit cans, as well as the lids are being produced out of tin mill products.

Electrical steel
Silicon-alloyed (Si) cold-rolled thin sheets in thicknesses from approx. 0.20 to 0.65mm with special magnetic properties. Electrical steels are characterised by high magnetisability in an alternating magnetic field with the lowest hysteresis losses, i.e. they are also responsible for energy saving. For use in transformers, electrical machines and devices.

Magnetic steel materials.

– DIN EN 10106, edition:1996-02, Cold rolled non-grain-oriented electrical steel sheet and strip delivered in the fully processed state;
– DIN EN 10107, edition:1996-02, Grain-oriented electrical steel (sheet and strip) delivered in the fully processed state.

Organic coated steel sheet
Paint coated or laminated cold rolled and metallic coated sheets out of soft and structural steel grades, predominantly used in the building, appliance and automotive industries. In this product field steel producers and paint suppliers cooperate closely to constantly improve paint systems with excellent visual and physical properties.   

Often requested paint systems:

  • Regular modified polyester paint
  • High durable polyester paint
  • Silicone polyester paint
  • PVDF paint
  • PUR paint
  • PVC plastisol (also embossed)
  • PVC laminated
  • PET laminated

Various paint coatings and paint thicknesses are being specified.


Aluminium foil
Foil is being supplied in various alloys for products in the food and automotive industries, as well as for machinery.

Aluminium sheets
Sheets in various alloys and tempers, organic coated and bare, also stucco embossed for the manufacture of components fort he building industry.


This area contains all finished customer products of our customers we are distributing through our global sales network. Examples are aluminium and ETP/ECCS lids and caps for the can industry, sandwich panels and trapezoidal sheets in various forms.


Iron ores
Iron ores are used in blast furnaces to produce pig iron. The source and the respective analysis are crucial for this particular application, as well as the size and shape for further processing.

HBI (Sponge iron)
Sponge iron, or hot briquetted iron, concentrates a Fe content of 90-94% and is primarily used in direct reduction processes, as well as to produce steel goods that are not produced with scrap as the sole input material.

Steel/Iron and non-ferrous scrap act as an alloying additive, as well as raw material for electric arc furnaces in which the scrap is remelted. The classifications here are done in accordance with European Steel Scrap Specification, as well as the ISRI (Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries, Inc.) Scrap Specifications Circular.