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Macrometal - hard facts

Managing Director:
Alexander M. Julius

1 formula for success, 3 locations, 12 employees

Freie und Hansestadt Hamburg

Branches in Hamburg (HO), Istanbul and LEIOA (Vizcaya)

Business foundation:

Member of Eurometal

Despite all of the technological developments, the saying „Steel is a people business“ is just as valid today as it ever was. For it is only through the people involved in the business that raw material can become something special.

Alexander M. Julius



Our commitment to our clients knows no bounds
Specifically, this means that we can also offer industrial consumers a variety of tenders and product ranges from non-European manufacturers. We are therefore not dependent on local offers and our partners can benefit from attractive alternatives.

Well positioned in the global competition
The Internet has helped shrink the world and enabled routes to become considerably shorter. Thus, everyone can now view international prices and services with just a click of a mouse. macroMETAL does not view this transparency and the associated competition as a bad thing – on the contrary: we know that a high-performing and efficient delivery plant goes hand in hand with a good (price) offer. This calls for a strong package combining quality, logistics, financing and reliability. And it is precisely this that we can offer you with the help of our excellent network, extremely well-developed infrastructure and our expertise in international trade.

Transparency – much more than just a word
Nowadays, many providers employ ‚transparency‘ for advertising purposes. For macroMETAL, this term is not just an empty phrase, but rather a requirement in order to operate successfully. How is this shown? We attach great importance to being able to get personally acquainted with our partners, both on the supplier and client side. After all, the production of many products must be tailored, or at least adapted, to the processing applications. Furthermore, we strengthen the trust of our partners with the openness that we practise in our purchasing and supply links..


Sustainability has become a global challenge and our ambition to make every step of the value and supply chain more environmentally friendly reducing the rapid climate change.

Steel is a high strength and long-lasting material being sustainable in this sense already. Still, steel making has and still is depending on a high level of energy and usage of components creating carbon emissions.

Global warming and various public movements making this serious issue more prominent have also led to more rapid developments of innovative and alternative technologies in the steel making processes reducing the negative impact on our environment. On top, material compositions and coatings create a longer lifetime and recyclability saving our resources.

macroMETAL as importer and distributor of steel products shares this responsibility and focuses on the marketing of products that are sustainable in the following sense preserving our nature:

  • Steel mills supplying us using already and/or actively implementing the latest energy efficient technologies and modern equipment reducing material waste in the process.

  • New metallic and organic coatings extending the life time of the steel product granting the same durability as the finished products.

  • Optimizing logistics to secure the material quality during handling from the mill to the customer. This to decrease the waste rate and avoiding double production.

  • We are following our customers’ ambition to reduce weight and substitute material thickness by higher strength steel grades with equal or better-quality results.

Our ambition is to become better, to be open for new systems and products within the value and supply chain to protect our nature and our planet.

There is no „day-to-day“ business in our line of work, as the requirements are constantly changing and so every day brings with it new challenges.

Matthias Krebs



We have a clear stance in terms of locations:
anyone who wants to operate globally needs to be accessible from all over the world.

With branches and representatives in Germany, Turkey, Spain and Taiwan, we have expanded our network of employees from Germany to Southern Europe and the Middle East, all the way to Southeast Asia.

And because we speak the respective native languages, we can also communicate. We find it important that our on-site colleagues come from the respective cultural region and therefore can understand the regional characteristics. Because communication is so much more than just the use of a common language.

Our on-site experts can properly assess, understand and communicate client and supplier expectations. Thus, clients benefit from the desired quality and ideas tailored to their needs. In the end, we can say without exaggeration: we understand each other.

macroMETAL Germany
(Europe & Africa)

Forsmannstrasse 22a
22303 Hamburg / Germany

T. +49 40 32 32 93-0

partner of
macroMETAL Iberica

(Spain & Portugal)

Mendibile, 10 bis
Apartado 76
E-48940 LEIOA (Vizcaya)
T. +34 94 480 47 21

macroMETAL Turkey
(Turkey & Middle East)

Bagdat Caddesi, Oncu Sokak, Büyükhanli Sitesi No: 493
B1 Blok, Kat 8, Daire 23
81070 Suadiye - Istanbul, Turkey

Tel. +90 216 3858558 (ext. 1121)


Alexander M. Julius

Managing Partner

Tel.: +49 (0)40 / 32 32 93-0

Michael Rohweder

Sales Manager Europe

Tel.: +49 (0)40 / 32 32 93-31

Matthias Krebs

Division Manager Tubes

Tel.: +49 (0)5072 / 33 89 80 7

Christian Tegge

Manager Trading International / Projects

Tel.: +49 (0)40 / 32 32 93-28

Claudia Laraß

Logistics / Administration

Tel.: +49 (0)40 / 32 32 93-30

Ugur Arpaci

Sales Manager Turkey

Tel.: +90 216 416 85 85


There are currently no vacancies.