Buying / Selling


Whether buying or selling:

We act on your behalf

Trading across national borders requires a detailed and comprehensive expertise. After all, the country-specific requirements concerning dealers, as well as tax regulations and documentation requirements, change constantly. This applies across the board to all parties involved, be they manufacturers, suppliers or consumers.

Varying levels of quality management, different standards and certifications, strong language barriers, differing logistics and storage organisation or burdensome pre-financing procedures all pose a great danger: due to the complex supply chains, costly problems may arise in an initially attractive business. macroMETAL has the expertise, the insight and the experience to deal with any threats and to arrange sustainable transactions that prove satisfactory to all parties involved.

Our expertise saves you time and Money

Time is one of our most important resources. Unfortunately, the requirements concerning international markets are changing all the time, while logistics and production processes are also subject to constant change. A lot of time-consuming research is required in order to avoid missing relevant news and thus squandering opportunities.

As an expert who is familiar with all country-specific details and characteristics – and one who constantly keeps track of all market-relevant processes – macroMETAL can take on this task on behalf of its partners, provide them with pertinent information and ensure a smooth course of business. On behalf of our clients, we act as correspondents, consultants, promoters, translators, partners and thus a reliable guide in the international trade of goods.



Agent / Principal



Tailor-made services for each individual Client

Clients decide for themselves whether they want to make use of the entire spectrum of services or just one individual part of our services package. Depending on your needs, we will act on your behalf as either the principal or the agent. Thus, several of our partners, for example, provide the services themselves and then invoice their own clients directly, using solely our expertise and presence in the markets. In this case, we arrange the transactions as an agent and oversee the project to its successful conclusion. The steelworks U.S. Steel Kosice, s.r.o. in Slovakia and Zelezara Smederevo, d.o.o. in Serbia are two of our clients with whom we work as part of a pure agent contract.





„Trust and straightforwardness are not only the principles of good business relationship, but also form the ideal basis for a long and stable partnership.“
Michael Sabert




You can bank on us when it comes to financing

Our core areas include both trade finance and the evaluation and cover of credit risks, as well as granting follow-up financing.

We primarily supply our clients with products that are manufactured abroad, usually paying the delivery plant for these before or after production has been finished. Generally, we do not require bank guarantees, letters of credit or other payment securities from our partners. In order for us to be able to provide this service with favourable conditions and to keep our prices competitive, we have been working closely together with various banks and insurance companies for many years.



Maritime Transport


Transport by ship: cost-effective and secure

The cheapest way to transport steel from the individual plants to overseas clients is by ship. We charter an appropriate vessel or book the stowage space that will ensure the safe and punctual arrival of the respective products. This applies to both conventional cargo (break-bulk) as well as to container shipments. For many inland destinations, too, transport by ship proves a cost-effective option for moving cargo: from the port, we can reach many clients directly and cost-effectively by barge.


Inland Transport


Transport via land: „free domicile“ delivery

In the majority of cases, our clients do not have access to inland waterway transport. However, since we offer our partners „free domicile“ delivery of their products, we also make use of inland transport – i.e. transportation by rail or via truck. This transportation is made possible by the close collaboration between macroMETAL and the rail companies and forwarding agents. Here, too, the top priority is a secure delivery in which no damage befalls the goods.



Insurance / Inspections


Completely secure: first-class insurance & inspection

We ensure that all products that are shipped by us or by our partners are insured during transit, working together with insurance companies and brokers who are familiar with the product and accept the risks at low rates. Of course, if they so wish, our clients are free to cover their own insurance.

It is standard for macroMETAL to inspect goods in ports of departure and arrival. First-class, highly specialised inspectors perform a thorough examination, guaranteeing that only undamaged goods will be delivered to our clients.



Clear regulations with INCOTERMS

World wide trading requires in turn internationally recognised regulations. A clear definition of the „transfer of risk“ has been established by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) with INCOTERMS. These regulations specify precisely where on the freight route the suppliers‘ responsibility Ends and where the clients’ responsibility begins. The current form of INCOTERMS is also the basis for our contracts.